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posté le 10-02-2012 à 09:02:57

N°6 : J'ouvre mon Book-Coffee avec ma BF ^^

The place would look a little like that ^^


 The perfect place to stay still, to work for your exam (with a free wi-fi connection of course !), the place to be if you want to have good time with your friends drinking some coffee or tea, eating some delicious cakes ^^
The right place to read some book you've never heard about before in the most confortables chair in the world ! (or at least in the city ^^)

  You'll surely be amazed by the place and the atmosphere.
In this place you'll have a lot of fun !

  It's another world, another time, another place...
Ready to get lost ?! 





Lostintranslation le 10-02-2012 à 20:28:17
SO nice!!!! it's OUR place !!!!
lilyoffthevalley le 10-02-2012 à 20:25:15
Yeah it's totally our place !

Nice huh ?!
Lostintranslation le 10-02-2012 à 11:19:03
it's THAT!!!! our place ! soon, we'll have this book cofee !!!!